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Post by Mark »

I added some fields to the User Profile...

Are you directly related to a Kerrigan?
How Long have you been doing Genealogy Research? (Years)

This will help people know a little about you.... and slow do any spammers...
if you have any other profile questions you would like to see
just let me know


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Post by Hammer »

Mark, I have been doing this stuff a few years. I am originally from South Ozone Park, Queens. I found that their were a number of Kerrigan's that were related. I spoke with a second cousin a few years ago and she got me hooked. She also identified her birth mother who I knew as an aunt was actually my first cousin.

However, I live in the Chicagoland area and most of the information needed is in New York. A baby sister of my father who died in 1934 or 1935 is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn. I visited there a few years ago on a Sunday. She is buried in a plot along with five other Kerrigan's I believe. The original plot was purchased in November 1, 1858. Also my father older sister is buried there.

However, my grandfather is buried in Greenwood Cemetery with his parents. His wife who proceeded him in death is buried in St. John's Cemetery in Queens with her son Joseph who died at an early age of 22. She lost three children in two years in the 1930's.

We used to visit New York back in the 1960's. Until my grandfather died there was relatives on his side I never met. That included my father's Uncle George and an Aunt on his mother's side. He also had three 1st cousins that served in the U.S. Navy. One of them may have served on submarines during WW II. I also served on submarines in the 1970's. So I would like to track down their surviving families.

It's also nice to be able to assist other members of the forum with trying to track down their ancestors.

Patrick Kerrigan

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Post by kmarch »


I am related to the Kerrigan/Keraghan/Carrigan group through Bridget Kerrigan. Bridget married a James Hunt who was born in Ireland but lived in Kidderminster, UK in 1883 in Kidderminster, UK. She would be my greatgrandmother. Her father was a John Kerrigan and her mother was a Catherine Jennings both born in Ireland but I do not know where for certain. She died in 1928 in Cambridge, Mass, was born 7/1861 in England and emigrated to the US in 1885. She is buried in St. Paul's cemetery in Arlington, MA.

John Keraghan born abt 1827, had a sister named Ann born about 1835. who married into the Skelly family. He died in Kidderminster in 1887. I have requested his death certificate which may indicate where he was born in Ireland and who his parents were. He lived with the Skellys in Stourbridge as of the 1861 census.

I started all my research about a year ago on Ancestry then requested birth and death certifcates from everywhere. The spelling of the Kerrigan name or should I say spellings has been tricky for research.

Anyone out there related to this branch?

Kathleen Hunt


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Post by aella »

Hello, I am a new user and found this site by a happy accident. My sister is a geneaology researcher for our family, we are related to Kerrigan through our great grandmother Katherine Kerrigan who emigrated from Drumshanbo, county Leitrim Ireland to NY in the middle 1800s. Our family tended to have their children at older ages so none of us knew that much about our grandparents and such as they had pretty much passed away by the time we hit our teen years. My sister and I were raised in suburban NY city but live in California now. We think our grandmother Katy Kerrigan is buried in Gate of Heaven cemetary, Valhalla, NY. She married John Francis Ryan, also of Ireland. We are planning a trip to Ireland next summer to tour and figure out more about our family's history. I am so happy to find an online group dedicated to Kerrigan, wouldn't it be fun if some of us are related, sincerely, Aella.

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