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Hello...I have just joined this site and am interested in discussing and sharing any info on the Kerrigan name / history and especially anything to do with the Kerrigans history in the west of Ireland. My father was born in Leenane, Connemara, Co Galway in 1921 and moved to Dublin in the 1960's, where I was born. I now live in London.

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Are you directly related to a Kerrigan?: Yes
How Long have you been doing Genealogy Research? (Years): 3
Which Kerrigan are you researching?: Sarah Kerrigan - Michael Kerrigan

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I realise that this is a very old post; however - I am researching my husband's family and his grandmother was Sarah Kerrigan from Leenane(b.1904), daughter of Michael Kerrigan and Mary/ Molly (O)Malley .

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